Who We Are

The Company was formed to pursue opportunities in teaching operation in the educational sector.


The company deals majorly in sport activities in which the pupils, teachers and adults finds interesting. We have our professional coaches in every segment of these sports like Martial arts( Karate and Taekwondo), Board games(Scrabble, Chess, Monopoly, Dart etc.), Court games(Table tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball), Swimming, Cycling, Football, Roller skate, the benefits are numerous as it improves physical mental skills and emotional drive.



Goal Statement

Our teams are working hard, structuring and brainstorming on daily basis to fathom a unique program that will enhance the children’s ability to become better and creative in intelligence, social skills, tournament standards, community wise, intellectual, innovative, mathematics, literacy and pattern recognitions. We are set out to develop strategic means to help them improve in self-development program, we envision to build a quality and intelligent players that can compete in international tourneys, become a gold medalist and represent the school in local, national and international competitive games, through an intensive training programs and an inspiring classes that will reshape their sense of competitiveness


We are the leading board game company that specializes in child’s growth, currently running an “Academy/Club” in Lagos and Ogun State, PenHills is an organization that gives an intensive training on intellectual quotient for Adults, Children, Veteran, Organizations and Schools.

The first objective is to offer high value, high quality recreational and educative games for the pupils. Also importantly from an internal teaching standpoint is the ability to develop human brain through teaching and competitive incentives. We also pursue several objectives that will modify, transform pupils/student fitness, add values to their immediate health and also improve their vocabulary and their reading culture through scrabble and chess and also to prepare them for competitive events.

Why are we passionate about kids?

We discovered in seicento that catching kids young are the best way to create an unimaginative future, where kids becomes productive at an early age, skillful in decision making, an ability to become intelligent by frequent brain exercise through our programs Chess/Scrabble. Our leverages are value oriented and we provide an intensive discipline on character and planning wise, we teach them to become self confident, psychology, team work, lucrative, problem solving and decision makings… PenHills

Knowledge Base

Recreational activities boost a half dozen skill areas, as well as social and personal skills like:

Fitness ,Concentration, Problem solving, Pattern recognition, Analysis and critical thinking Spelling, Vocabulary, Math skills, Dictionary skills, Spatial dictionary skills, Great thinking skill, Social & personal relationships.

Several schools around the world and in Nigeria are inculcating extracurricular activities, Schools  like: Leavalley, Bizben, Novelight, Greenspring, Karmel, Stardom and many others. These schools regularly participate in national Sport competitions.

Scrabble/Chess enthusiasts around the country get together to enjoy the classic board game no matter what skills level and experience. Scrabble/Chess continues to be one of the top choices for many board game lovers, and can provide endless hours of enjoyment in the world of wordplay and techniques. Scrabble/Chess not only helps you learn new words/moves and definitions/critical thinking, it improves memory, enhance language/tactics skills, and exercise your mind muscles for long-term learning and retention.

These programs are performed once in a week, we have examined the robust activity that engaged the pupils; the school will assign a particular day in the week for these programs and could also be open for discussion from both parties depending on the agreeable day that will not affect the both parties.


There are certain factors that must be considered when choosing a particular day of the week for  our programs;


  1. The distance of the school
  2. Our operational value system
  3. The magnitude of classes
  4. Logistical factors
  5. Techniques and time structure


These are efficient reasons for choosing a considerable day for these programs, also the PenHills can also relate with its client to determine the most befitting day that would not distort the school activity.

These activities can be carried out within the space of 1-2hrs respectively. For each class, there are certain minutes that must not be exceeded; we have designed our curriculum to beseem the timing and as it strides in advance the student are involved theoretically and practically before the end of the term.

We strictly adhere to our timing system to also cover up for other classes; the timing system can be restructured if the school finds some inconsiderable faults.

Our charges are environmental friendly thus differ from other charges due to some environmental factors we have assumed and experienced, for instances; our charges in the Mainland are quite different from the Island these charging experience has reconstructed our charging benchmark for different locations.


Charges are applied per child involved In the program, charges are termly payment and are made directly to the schools account and at the end of the term we have designed a collating data form which would account for each single student that have been involved in the system per class, every classes will be registered; the number of students present at the beginning and at the end of the term per class from the upper primary to lower. Our charges are negotiable depending on the school attributes, we are susceptible to renegotiate if the school finds it financially harsh on the school system. A diagram will be introduced to illustrate the charging system process.

Click here to see the charging scheme

We have developed a pattern of lectures that includes both theory and practical which makes it possible for a continuous assessment and examinations termly.

The feedback system is the company’s policy program that gives back some certain amount of percentage to the school for using the school as a major point for our business strategy.  Our feedback systems are designed to create a profitable business environment for the school and its management.


Charges and percentage can be reviewed and all other factors that require readjustment. The numbers of students in each class are multiplied accumulated at the end of the term; the school will take its percentage and remit the rest of the money to the company. The PenHills is privilege to design this program that creates a friendly business environment for both parties.